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Clace Demo Apps

Clace is a platform for easy development and deployment of self-hosted web applications. These are apps built to demo the features of Clace.

All the apps are running on a single Clace server. The code for the apps can be found at GitHub and GitHub.

Disk Usage

This app shows the disk usage on the node, allowing the user to find which directory is consuming the most space. It uses the filesystem access plugin and shows simple Hypermedia based interactions.

Disk Usage

Memory Usage

This app shows the resident memory usage, aggregated by parent process. The data comes from the "ps" command. The d3 library is used as an ESM module to show the data visualization.

Memory Usage

CowBull Word Game

This app builds the UI for a CowBull word finding game. It demonstrates the use of Hypermedia controls across multiple pages and integration with Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI.

The steps for installing the apps are:

First, install Clace. Then enable auto TLS certificates. Setup DNS for the domains. Then start the Clace server and install the apps.

# Start the Clace server
$ nohup clace server start &
# Create memory usage app
$ clace app create --auth-type=none --approve
# Create disk usage app
$ clace app create --auth-type=none --approve
# Create cowbull app, under cowbull domain
$ clace app create --auth-type=none --approve
# Create demo app, default domain
$ clace app create --auth-type=none --approve /
# All apps are live now, TLS certs will be created on demand